Shielding Window

Excellent light permeability and superb EMI Shielding could achieve EMI shield window.

Composition of "Conductive mesh" and other materials. "Conductive mesh"is the SEIREN unique product. You can design freely; opening of mesh, yarn diameter and combination of materials.



  • With special processing of low reflexion,
    improved visual confirmation.
  • Shielding: 60dB (maximum per piece with glass type)
  • Correspond to large size:(Max. 3,000x1,800 with glass type)


These data is reference value, not guaranteed value.

Example: Glass type

Various Usage

  • Shielding window for MRI room
  • Shielding window for an anechoic chamber
  • Display window of electronic equipments; medical equipment, measurering/controller device, testing device

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