Micro Mesh

Micro mesh is a fiber fabric with high accuracy consists of polyester monofilament yarn. It has water repellency and develops into receiver unit, microphones of earphone, etc.


Mesh material for a speaker with superior sound permeability, dustproof and water repellency.

  • Sound permeability (air-permeability)
  • Water repellency
  • Dustproof
  • Environmental comformable (Halogen-Free)


Below specifications are common to IEC(International electrotechnical Commision) 61249-2-21, US IPC(Institute for Intercooecting and Packaging Electronic Circuit(Standard)) 4101B, and JPCA(Japan Electronics Packaging and CircuitsAssosiation) ES01-2003.

Mesh Count Yarn Diameter Opening Opening
Thickness Air permeability Specific air flow resistance
MKS rayls
Water Repellency
How many yarns
μm μm μm cc/cm2/sec pa・s/m level
HF-420BH 420 31 29 23 49 130 115 5
HF-380BH 380 31 33 26 45 185 80 5
HF-300BH 300 34 47 33 53 330 32 5
HF-280BH 280 34 55 38 55 420 22 5

●Air permeability: measurement method
JIS L 1096: Frajour type test
●Water repellency: measurement method
JIS L 1092: Spray method test

These data is reference value, not guaranteed value.

◇There might be some other micro mesh products. If you have any request, feel free to contact us.

Mesh Count
The number of yarns in 1inch.
The distance between two
adjacent yarns in one mesh.
The thickness of the micro mesh
Specific air
flow resistance
pressure difference when
air flow throgh the micro mesh.
Yarn Diameter
How thick is one yarn
Opening Area
The proportion of the
opening area to all the micro mesh
Air permiability
the amount of the
ventilation in 1cm² per second.
Water repellency
water drop repellency

☆All the products are black color and have water repellency

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